Post-Post Anxiety

You know how when you accidentally neglect something until you realize you’re actually just avoiding it, and then you continue to avoid it for the sake of avoiding it, and then you start to get anxiety just thinking about it? Then the run-on sentences come. And the fragments.

That anxiety is how I feel about Suddenly Single.

Originally I wanted this to be a one-year, in-depth project. I had secret societies I wanted to penetrate. I had lavish lifestyles to investigate. But then I fell off the grid.

For all you pervs and pessimists wondering, “WTF happened to Moxie Sinclair?” “Did she get get murdered by a sour sugar daddy or an angry venture capitalist?” “Did she finally meet an eggplant larger than two fist-lengths (and then some more)?” Or “Did she just sell out?” Spoiler alert: I sold out for my job. But I definitely have been getting dat XXL aubergine.

When I first invented Moxie, I was a tech n00b. I was lost in a world I didn’t understand; so I wanted to explore it and conquer it.

As much as I’ve left many unsolved mysteries and untouched topics, what I have figured out is: There isn’t always a ladder to climb. Sometimes you have to build your own.  

In my last few months of silence I’ve been constructing my path upwards, and it’s   been working. I had to figure out how to crush my way through the man’s land.

I’m not 100% where I want to be (said every workaholic-perfectionist ever), but I’m 100% beyond where I was.

If I write again, it will most likely be a how-to for you budding bitches tryna get that tech cred. If I don’t – well, I’ll leave my Tinder puns and crude quips behind.

In the meantime, enjoy being a user of the products I’ve begun influencing. There is a ridiculously high chance you are experiencing my work. Bahaha.

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